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Working with ATU Duty Free

We believe that our people are the very heart of our business, that the development and growth of each of our employees is essential to our success. By providing an inspiring and rewarding work environment, we provide quality, consistency and continuity of our talent.

We promise that every employee is matched to the job that is best suited to them and provide extensive training programmes. Our world-renowned Retail Institute – a centre for excellence – was established specifically to train and develop our staff and managers.

Courses here range from category management, customer service, sales techniques, leadership and personal development to hospitality, point-of-sale technology and international cultures. In an increasingly demanding and changing airport marketplace, it generates a level of quality in our staff that, we believe, gives us a major competitive edge.

Our compensation package is generally higher than the industry average and always aims to reward the best employees.

We have a very simple motto, which is the heartbeat of our company:
“Happy Employees, Happy Customers, Happy ATU Duty Free”

Our business is defined by its values. We believe in honesty and integrity, we welcome change, we value each other and we act as a team where everyone has a voice. We are a family.

Ersan Arcan
Genaral Manager

“ATU is a growing business in a dynamic marketplace. We believe we create great opportunities for career development which we support with dedicated training and learning programmes through our Retail Institute.

Our staff define us as a business. The ATU style is quite unique – where every individual is respected and has a voice to be heard”.

hrOur HR strategy focuses on building a highly motivated, positive engaged and innovative company culture supporting teams with powerful HR, ERP systems, training, assessment practices and development opportunities. We create an atmosphere where people can learn, share, get inspired from each other and have “fun” while doing their business.

In an increasingly competitive retail market, with demanding customers from various countries and different cultural backgrounds, we ensure that our employees receive the essential training they need to serve international customers.

We have shown collective success from our more  than 2,700 employees around the globe at 21 locations and in more than 120 stores. All of our employees are highly qualified and focused on delivering customer satisfaction.

There is an important element needed to offering standard service and shopping enjoyment to 10 million customers a year: A team working in harmony…

Success has always been the ultimate goal of our operations all over the world. We believe that “people” are the heart of our success. By providing an inspiring and rewarding working environment for our employees, we also have the opportunity to provide ultimate customer experiences resulting in higher commercial yields. We reposition our role as “people experience management” instead of human resources management since both employees and guests are all human. The success of management in one side enable us to succeed in the other.

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ATU Retail Institute is a kind of process which pioneers by enhancing its own methods constantly and using information management in the fields of management and job performance for increasing the efficiency of the employees and our company. Nowadays, the most profitable investment for a person is the self-information investment for himself. The basic responsibilities of our employees for all the systems which we have developed in our company, is to enrich their companies and themselves, improve their jobs and themselves.

Management is responsible for informing the employees in his/her own profession, to guide them and to present them the essential development instruments. ATU Management is aimed to create a trusted, high-class, innovator, good-humoured service manner corporate culture assimilated by all employees.

ATU is aware of its responsibility that organisational efficiency in the future job environment and the power of Human Resources is one the most important advantages. You can see the examples of the approach of ATU Retail Institute in the multi-national companies and it will be the first one that is constituted institutionally.

Our goal is to mobilise our employees gaining strategic management approach, commercial awareness, unconditional customer satisfaction and business idea academically. The flexibility and performance of employees are required to keep up with rapid changes in business life and customer expectations. The future and competitiveness of ATU is hinged on each employees use of their abilities and knowledge finding complicated matters and their professionalism.

ATU Retail Institute is always nonconformist. Alteration is an opportunity; to feel satisfied from the state of affairs is dangerous. To realize the new trends in the formative stages and be open to new ideas will form the basis of ATU Retail Institute applications. The purpose of ATU Retail Institute is to train business leaders implementing organisational transformation with the development programs that provide the continuities having a high performance culture, focused on strategy, compatible with the values, targeted high quality. The training programs aim to continue the targeted individual and corporate development by using the tools of personal development and project work under the roof of ATU Retail Institute.

The training and development programs which make a difference in business processes and personal development of ATU Family are organised by ATU Retail Institute. The process of Training and Development start with Corporate Orientation Program with ATU Family. And it consists of Product Expertise, Sales and Service Development, Management and Leadership Development and Personal Development Programs, Domestic and foreign education institutions and over long periods of certified education and development contents prepared by the trainers in Turkey or abroad in cooperation with universities. The basic condition of “Continuous Improvement” for individual’s and corporation’s survival is an “individual initiative”.

All kinds of projects and studies focused on development will be supported by ATU Retail Institute. Also at the same time corporate learning and development will be realized with common effort from the ATU Retail Institute.