BENEFIT KNOWS BROWS Benefit has been solving brow dilemmas since Jean and Jane Ford opened their first boutique in San Francisco in 1976. Now, with 1.800 BrowBar beauty lounges in 45 countries, Benefit is the world’s largest employer of aestheticians and the world’s leading brow authority. We’ve seen them all… Every shape, every hair and […]

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Eight Beauty Hacks for Your Flight

Eight Beauty Hacks for Your Long or Longish Flight Even a short flight can leave you feeling bad. That’s because the harsh environmental factors on a plane can dehydrate your skin and body. There’s low humidity, recycled air, and UV radiation… just to name a few. So we’ve compiled a list of beauty hacks you […]

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Summer Fragrances

We embark on the quest of a new fragrance when the summer comes. We choose lighter and refreshing fragrances. This season will be a perfect time for changing your fragrance. You will find the joy and energy of the summer with these fragrances that you should definitely try in order to find yourself. It is […]

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Get Ready for Summer


Everyone knows about hazards of the sun, but we cannot live without the sun, either. we must know how to protect our skin to enjoy the sun without fear. Enjoying the summer is not possible without sunbathing. But during sunbathing, there are some necessary measures to be taken for our comfort. The most effective method […]

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Stay on for the night!


GET A PURE LOOK! If you have an especially oily skin, it’s normal that you have an undesired, greasy look at night time. Oil-absorbing products that prevent a shiny look may therefore be an ideal solution for you. Using these, you can enjoy a perfect make-up and a long lasting fresh look all night. ATTENTION […]

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Get your bikini body before summer arrives!


Still hanging on to holiday pounds you gained over the winter? Are you dreading pulling out your swimsuit to see if it still fits? Tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits… oh my! It’s May, which means you’ll have to peel off your winter clothes soon. While only you know what you’ve been hiding underneath all those […]

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