Get Ready for Summer

atu-stay-longer-in-the-sunEveryone knows about hazards of the sun, but we cannot live without the sun, either. we must know how to protect our skin to enjoy the sun without fear.
Enjoying the summer is not possible without sunbathing. But during sunbathing, there are some necessary measures to be taken for our comfort. The most effective method to avoid hazards of the sun is, of course, protecting our skin from the sun. But we all know that this must be done correctly!
We all dream about having a brilliant tanned skin. A healthy tan is possible, but with
some precautions taken.

Here is a guide for what you need to know about healthy tanning.

★ Avoid the sun between 11.00 am-3.00 pm, when the sun rays are most likely to harm your skin.
★ Wear light-coloured and fine clothing as possible.
★ Select a sunscreen providing protection of at least 50. Use protective sunscreen, especially on sensitive areas such as your nose and lips. Pay more attention to areas such as your back, chest, shoulders and face, as they are directly exposed to sun rays.
★ In particular, parents should pay more attention to children.
★ Use after-sun lotions and skin moisturizers after your tanning sessions.
★ Do not stay close to the sea or the pool. The reflection of the sun on the water is more likely to get you sun burnt than deliver a healthy tan.
★ In order to get the best results, put sunscreen on 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Even waterproof sunscreens must be used repeatedly every 90 minutes.
★ If your skin type reacts badly to the sun, or if you choose not to sunbathe at all but still would like a feel-good tan, you can consider using self tanning products that deliver instant results.