Matching Makeup To Your Destination

Seven Gorgeous Ways to Match Your Beauty to Your Destination

 1. São Paulo Brazil:

In the land of Carnival, you can never be too vibrant. That’s why we suggest incorporating tropical colors into your usual makeup routine. Think bright pink lips, neon yellow eyeliner, and palm green shadows. Then sit back and prepare to get noticed!


 2. Paris France:

Parisian women are minimalist makeup experts who look chic in whatever they wear. All you need is mascara and a dab of concealer or two. Pair your minimalist look with a classic red lip—it’s the ideal shade for the city of love.


 3Reykjavik, Iceland:

When in Iceland, do as the Icelanders do: be liberal with your mind, body, and makeup products. Lean into frosty blues, elfish greens, and stark white eyeliner. You’ll mimic the Northern Lights’ natural beauty while at the same time highlighting your own.


 4. Berlin, Germany:

Want to fit in amid East Berlin’s famous punk scene? Rock out with your liner on point—literally. German women play up their eyes, so why not try a navy felt-tip liner with a wing? Finish your look with a dark lip, and you’ll feel like a true beauty rebel.


5Tokyo, Japan:

In the city that made cosplay (costumes all day, every day) famous, practically anything goes. That means it’s time to get creative with your products. Go bold with multiple lines of black on white eyeliner, and dab your favorite lipstick on your upper cheekbones for a not-so-subtle glow. You can even match your eyebrows to your outfit with your favorite colored shadow.


6. Montego Bay, Jamaica:

Headed to Jamaica, Mon? Lucky you. Highlight your tan (or the one you’re about to get) with a dewy primer and a touch of bronzer. Maybe also switch out your perfume with a tropical scent. You’ll look (and smell) like you’ve been beachside all year, even on your first day of vacation.


7. Houston, Texas:

Everything’s bigger in Texas. That goes for lips, brows, and eyelashes too. Swap your regular gloss for something that plumps, and pump up your brows with a touch of dark shadow. As for your lashes, go faux or go home. Trust us, they won’t be the fakest things at the saloon.