ATU Duty Free

From day one, our goal has always been to get away from traditional models and create premium retail areas that fully engage our customers.

We have a real passion for innovation and change. We recognise that the airport shopper is changing and continuously invest in detailed market research and customer behaviour analytics to better understand our customers’ needs. So, we are constantly refining our store designs and types, merchandising and selection of world class brands to match our changing customer profiles.

Our main duty free stores remain our flagships. We invest heavily in the retail architecture. From floor to ceiling we want the shops to reflect our passion for great design, lighting, colour, the ease of navigation, the product range, the accessibility – all backed up with the highest quality customer service. Wherever we operate, we find individual solutions for every terminal and space that we manage.

Whether for our walk-through duty free shops or for the portfolio of prestigious mono brand boutiques that we have, our designs are intended to reflect the relaxing and ‘day out shopping’ feeling of a trip to the high street. We believe in creating unique environments that become both personal and memorable. Our aim is for our stores to be the most enjoyable part of the customers’ travel experience – apart from the destination itself! We nurture a relationship with our customers rather than just a transaction.

Specialty Concept Stores

We also create brand new concept stores, based on our research, to match our customers needs and expectations.

At Istanbul’s Airport, for example, we have created a 1250sq. m and 850sq. m stores called The Old Bazaar. Inspired by Istanbul’s world-famous Grand Bazaar, at our store we offer more than 2000 local products reflecting Turkey’s rich cultural heritage in a uniquely designed environment. The Old Bazaar presents a unique sense of place.

Wines of Georgia, at Tbilisi Airport, is another excellent example of a 275 sq. m shop designed to reflect Georgian architecture and which offers a wide selection to passengers to taste and purchase the best of Georgian wines.

Product Categories

As a business, it is of strategic importance to us to create a product assortment where every passenger can find something in our stores to meet their individual taste. Each category is analysed regularly with regard to trends and changing customer needs.

We sell the full range of duty free categories: perfume and cosmetics, liquor and tobacco, confectionery, fashion and accessories, toys and local products and souvenirs. We offer our customers brand diversity at every price level.

Perfume and Cosmetics
Perfume and Cosmetics
We provide a selection of the best and most sought-after beauty brands in the world. Our highly trained sales staff are ready to advise and answer any question regarding the products.
Liquor and Tobacco
Liquor and Tobacco
World famous wines, spirits and tobacco brands are offered through attractive displays, including a specially designed area for luxury cigars. We offer a strong spirits portfolio that includes international best sellers as well as exclusive duty free products and a selection of local brands.
Our range of confectionery is very broad – designed specifically to appeal to all age groups and to suit both leisure and business travellers.From luxury confectionery lines to local tastes from the host country, we provide a very extensive selection – great for gifting.
Fashion and Accessories
Fashion and Accessories
A growing category, we offer the latest trends in clothing, handbags, sunglasses, watches and jewellery in both our main duty free shops and stand alone boutiques.
We offer a great selection of products from well-known toy brands to ensure that our younger customers and those ‘young at heart’ have an enjoyable travel experience.
Local Products and Souvenirs
Local Products and Souvenirs
Another very popular area where we promote a wide range of local and traditional products from the host country, providing a great memory of the local culture, foods and crafts.

Brand Partners

We believe in brands. As a retailer we know that our success depends on ensuring the right mix of brands and products. Our customers expect this and we have to move quickly to harness market trends. We have access to approximately 35.000 different deliverable products from around 1.000 international brands from more than 400 brand producers.

Diversity is key, so we not only offer high-end luxury brands, but also trend-led, high street brands. Whether local or international passengers, our portfolio has to reach out to all customers and all budgets.

Our brand partners trust us to provide the best designed retail environment and platform to house and sell their products. We are honoured that many choose ATU Duty Free stores for their global launches.

We are especially proud of some of the world’s most recognisable brands that we now offer as well as major Turkish brands that trust us to handle their airport retail operations.

35,000 products
1000 brands
400 supliers
Duty Free

In the airport retail industry, customers place importance on the guarantee of stable access to their favorite brands as well as having the best price advantage.


  • We care about environmental accountability and understand the importance of conserving resources and have taken a number of initiatives. We are always looking to make changes that will make a difference.
  • We supply environmentally friendly shopping bags, utilising Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA) technology – 100% biodegradable in nature. We were the first duty free retailer to use EPI certified biodegradable shopping bags.
  • Customers are offered reusable eco-friendly fibre bags – ‘I love my planet’ – at a minimum cost at points close to the checkout areas.
  • We place recycling bins for plastic, paper and metal in our stores and offices.
  • We are a committed supporter of the WWF campaign – ‘Turkiye’nin Canı’ – which aims to raise awareness of biological diversity and preserve Turkey’s unique rural heritage based on the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Initiated by WWF-Turkey, ATU Duty Free has implemented the ‘Green Office Project’ to decrease the ecological footprint within our company. Employee awareness, office supplies, waste management and power consumption are the key drivers here.