Skin care 4 Men

skincare-for-menWho said men do not care about their skin! there are currently many alternatives of skin
care products for men.
let’s take a look at what men need to consider while choosing the right products to maintain a fresh and healthy look for their skin:

Do not use after shave lotions instead of cologne or perfume.

after shave lotions do smell good, but they are not really meant to be used for their beautiful scent. they are, in fact, skin care products that will help you take better care of your skin and prevent irritations that may possibly occur while shaving with machines or razors.

Blemished skin

if you have black spots and pimples, we recommend you to use products that contain bha. bha can be used even on shaved skin areas. they ensure pores are cleared by gently peeling the skin. they therefore cure redness, swelling and irritation as well as prevent black spots and pimples.

Daily care

daily shaving ensures the removal of the dead skin layers on the skin. it also stimulates cell formation and regeneration of the skin. however, as the outer layer of the skin is not peeled while shaving, in time it eventually hardens and gets a dull look. therefore, using products that contain fruit acids (aha) preserves and refreshes the skin. just a few minutes every day is definitely worth the look!

Protect your skin from the sun

men’s skin is also affected by the sun. the skin becomes sensitive while shaving and is also irritated by harsh use of aftershave lotions. it easily gets sunburnt and damaged. facial skin of many men of middle age often has a different color and structure than their bodies. the reason for this is simply exposure to the sun without protection. remember that sun protection products are not just for women and children. men should not go out without using them, either.